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Processing Units

• One or Two MPC8640 (D) running at 1GHz with :

- L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity

- 1MB*2 of L2 integrated cache with ECC

• Two or Four*DDRII banks with each up to 1 GB

• One or Two 128MB of soldered Mirror Flash

• One or Two 256KB of nvRAM (non-volatile memory)

• One or Two PPC 64-bit Real Time clock and 32 bit-timers

• One or Two Temperature sensors and monitoring

• One or Two Calendar clock with supercap backup

• Elapse Time Counter

• DC and Thermal monitoring

Storage subsystem

Up to 16GB of Soldered SSD Disk.

Communication subsystem

• up to 6*GigaEthernet ports

• 1*L2+ Giga switch (QoS, VLAN, etc.)

• 3*USB2 external ports

• 1* RS232 and 1* RS422 port per CPU.

• I2C bus

I/O subsystem

• VME64x with 2eSST (Tsi148)

• Two PMC/XMC slots :

- PCI 32/64-bit at 33/66MHz, PCI-X up to 100 MHz

- PCIe x4

- Slot 0 compatible with VITA35 P4V2-64ac, or Slot 0 & Slot 1 compatible with VITA35 P4V2-32+32ac

• One Open FPGA for customer applications (Virtex 5), offering single ended LVTTL IOs, GTP ports and LVDS differential pairs.


• Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP, console,...

• 6U Rear Transition Module

IC-De6-VMEb is available in standard, extended, rugged and conduction-cooled grades (depending on version, please consult us).