Конструктив IDS120075 VME64x System 21 Slot 10U

Производитель: ID SOLUTION
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Конструктив IDS120075 VME64x System 21 Slot 10U 84HP 283mm depth without RearI/O with 1U fan tray, vertical installation of 6U cards VME 64x. 1 x VME64x Backplane 6U 21Slot, without Rear I/O. Monolith power backplane with CML connector and 10 x P47 connectors (support the 2 different phases of power АС, DC reservation and Shelf Manager). Aluminum enclosure: 10U(H) * 84T (W)* 283mm (D) Include 3 fans in 1U fan unit, with 2 full installation AC Power connectors with switch and 1 full installation DC Power connector. Airflow from bottom to the top. 3 x 12VDC Fans 120x120 Tacho signal, 4 x AC PSU 8HP/3U P47 300W, 4 x DC PSU 3U 8HP 36-72 VDC 250W, 1 x Shelf manager (Система мониторинга и управления).