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Processor core

• e500 core running from 533 to 833 MHz with :

- L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity.

- 256 KB of L2 integrated cache or private SRAM.

- MMU and FPU-SP capabilities.

- DMA-channel controllers.

• 128 or 256MB SDRAM-DDR266 with ECC.

• 16-64 MB soldered Flash.



• PPC Real Time clock and four 32 bit-timers.

• Calendar clock with lithium cell or supercap backup.

• The MPC8555E version provides the following additio-nal functionalities :

- An integrated security engine that supports DES, 3DES, MD-5, SHA-1, AES, ARC4, etc. encryption algorithms.

- A USB 2.0 (full/low speed compatible) host/device controller.

I/O subsystem

• VME64x with 2eSST.

• One PMC slot with PCI, PCI-X.

• Two Ethernet 10/100/1000TX ports with L2 acceleration and support for Jumbo frames.

• One Ethernet 10/100TX Ports.

• Ethernet ports are routed to front RJ45 or Pn4.

• Temperature sensor

• Communication Processor Module providing :

- 2 or 3 additional Enhanced Multi-protocol channels (Fast Ethernet, ATM, TDM with 256 HDLC).

- 3 or 4 Async/Synchronous serial controllers.

- Extension slot for Compactflash socket.


A 500MHZ RapidIO 8-bit parallel bus RapidIO connecting the MPC8560 and the PMC/XMC slot.


Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP and RS232 console.