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Processor core

• PPC603e with FPU 32 bits RISC architecture :

- 16KB Instruction and 16KB Data L1 Cache.

- 64KB internal fast dual-port SRAM.

- MMU and FPU capabilities.

- DMA-channel controllers.

- 64-bits wide data bus.

• 32MB of FlashEprom memory.

• 128 or 256MB of shared SDRAM-ECC100.

• 128KB Backup SRAM and Calendar clock.

• Real Time clock and four 32 bit-timers.

• Serial EPROM

• Temperature monitoring.

Communication subsystem

• Three Ethernet 10/100TX with EMC protections.

• Four high performance serial controllers :

- RxD, TxD, CTS, RTS, DCD, DTR, DSR, TxCk, RxCK.

- Asynchronous : high speed capability.

- Synchronous : HDLC, BSC, transparent mode.

- Fill out by an 1K30 ACEX FPGA.

- Multi standard transceivers with software confi-gurable modes (RS232/422, EIA530A, HIZ).

I/O subsystem

• Compact Flash UltraII slot.

• One 32 bits 33/66Mhz PMC slot.

• On the P2 rear connector :

- General logical I/O

- I²C bus at 400kbs

- PMC I/O (64 lines on A/C rows).

- Console and JTAG/COP ports.