Interface Concept IC-PQ2-PMCc

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Встроенный модуль PowerPC с 3-мя контроллерами Fast Ethernet

IC-PQ2-PMCc PMC module is designed in accordance with IEEE1386 standard. It features a high performance 32 bits PowerPC processor with three Fast Ethernet controllers. A local co-processor takes in charge all communication functionalities unloa-ding thus the PowerPC processor.
IC-PQ2-PMCc can be used in conjunction with CompactPCI, VME carriers or proprietary design. Many networks or embedded applications can be developed on-board :
• Processor module with a need of high level of integration and low power consumption.
• Low cost embedded application.
• Communication controller with Multi-Ethernet Links.
• Time stamping on the data flow, Traffic shaping, ...

Основные характеристики

Processor core

• PPC603e with FPU 32 bits RISC architecture with :
- 400/450 MHz
- 16KB Instruction Cache and 16KB Data Cache.
- 24KB on-board fast dual-port SRAM.
- MMU and FPU capabilities.
- DMA-channel controllers.
• Up to 256MB of shared SDRAM.
• 128KB SRAM
• 8, or 32 MB of Nor Flash EPROM.
• Time of day Calendar clock.
• Real Time clock and four 32 bit-timers.
• PCI interface Initiator, Target & Host:
- 32 bits @ 33/66 MHz

- 3.3V only PCI signaling Rev 2.2

I/O subsystem

• Up to three Ethernet 10/100TX auto-sensing ports are routed to the front panel RJ45 or Pn4 connector.
• One asynchronous RS232 port routed on a front mini-USB connector.
• On the rear I/O Pn4 and reverse Pn3 connectors :
- 4*Multi-purpose serial controller SCC[1..4].
- 4 TDM with 128 HDLC channels.
- I²C bus (400Kbs), SPI and one RS232 serial port.
• On the reverse Pn3, several general logical I/O.

• On the debug connector : JTAG/COP and SMC1.


• Up to 1GB soldered Flash Disk.

• Reverse Pn3 to mezzanine board connection.

• Ethernet channels with redundancy.

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Interface Concept